pub enum ExprInfo<'func, A, M, F>where
    A: 'func + Architecture,
    M: FunctionMutability,
    F: FunctionForm,
Show 75 variants Load(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Load>), Pop(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Pop>), Reg(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Reg>), Const(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Const>), ConstPtr(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Const>), Flag(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Flag>), FlagBit(Operation<'func, A, M, F, FlagBit>), Add(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Adc(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOpCarry>), Sub(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Sbb(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOpCarry>), And(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Or(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Xor(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Lsl(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Lsr(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Asr(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Rol(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Rlc(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOpCarry>), Ror(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Rrc(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOpCarry>), Mul(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), MulsDp(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), MuluDp(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Divu(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Divs(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), DivuDp(Operation<'func, A, M, F, DoublePrecDivOp>), DivsDp(Operation<'func, A, M, F, DoublePrecDivOp>), Modu(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Mods(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), ModuDp(Operation<'func, A, M, F, DoublePrecDivOp>), ModsDp(Operation<'func, A, M, F, DoublePrecDivOp>), Neg(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), Not(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), Sx(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), Zx(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), LowPart(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), FlagCond(Operation<'func, A, M, F, FlagCond>), FlagGroup(Operation<'func, A, M, F, FlagGroup>), CmpE(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), CmpNe(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), CmpSlt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), CmpUlt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), CmpSle(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), CmpUle(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), CmpSge(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), CmpUge(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), CmpSgt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), CmpUgt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), BoolToInt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), Fadd(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Fsub(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Fmul(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Fdiv(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>), Fsqrt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), Fneg(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), Fabs(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), FloatToInt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), IntToFloat(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), FloatConv(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), RoundToInt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), Floor(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), Ceil(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), Ftrunc(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>), FcmpE(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), FcmpNE(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), FcmpLT(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), FcmpLE(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), FcmpGE(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), FcmpGT(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), FcmpO(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), FcmpUO(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>), Unimpl(Operation<'func, A, M, F, NoArgs>), UnimplMem(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnimplMem>), Undef(Operation<'func, A, M, F, NoArgs>),


Load(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Load>)

Pop(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Pop>)

Reg(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Reg>)

Const(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Const>)

ConstPtr(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Const>)

Flag(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Flag>)

FlagBit(Operation<'func, A, M, F, FlagBit>)

Add(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Adc(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOpCarry>)

Sub(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Sbb(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOpCarry>)

And(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Or(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Xor(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Lsl(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Lsr(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Asr(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Rol(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Rlc(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOpCarry>)

Ror(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Rrc(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOpCarry>)

Mul(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

MulsDp(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

MuluDp(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Divu(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Divs(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

DivuDp(Operation<'func, A, M, F, DoublePrecDivOp>)

DivsDp(Operation<'func, A, M, F, DoublePrecDivOp>)

Modu(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Mods(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

ModuDp(Operation<'func, A, M, F, DoublePrecDivOp>)

ModsDp(Operation<'func, A, M, F, DoublePrecDivOp>)

Neg(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

Not(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

Sx(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

Zx(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

LowPart(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

FlagCond(Operation<'func, A, M, F, FlagCond>)

FlagGroup(Operation<'func, A, M, F, FlagGroup>)

CmpE(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

CmpNe(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

CmpSlt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

CmpUlt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

CmpSle(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

CmpUle(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

CmpSge(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

CmpUge(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

CmpSgt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

CmpUgt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

BoolToInt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

Fadd(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Fsub(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Fmul(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Fdiv(Operation<'func, A, M, F, BinaryOp>)

Fsqrt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

Fneg(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

Fabs(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

FloatToInt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

IntToFloat(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

FloatConv(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

RoundToInt(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

Floor(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

Ceil(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

Ftrunc(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnaryOp>)

FcmpE(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

FcmpNE(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

FcmpLT(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

FcmpLE(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

FcmpGE(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

FcmpGT(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

FcmpO(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

FcmpUO(Operation<'func, A, M, F, Condition>)

Unimpl(Operation<'func, A, M, F, NoArgs>)

UnimplMem(Operation<'func, A, M, F, UnimplMem>)

Undef(Operation<'func, A, M, F, NoArgs>)


Returns the size of the result of this expression

If the expression is malformed or is Unimpl there is no meaningful size associated with the result.

Determines if the expressions represent the same operation

It does not examine the operands for equality.

Trait Implementations

Formats the value using the given formatter. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

Blanket Implementations

Gets the TypeId of self. Read more
Immutably borrows from an owned value. Read more
Mutably borrows from an owned value. Read more

Returns the argument unchanged.

Calls U::from(self).

That is, this conversion is whatever the implementation of From<T> for U chooses to do.

The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
Performs the conversion.
The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
Performs the conversion.